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  • Add failing test for default form builder and documentation around known issue.

    Simon Fish


  • Add thread safety to the compiler.

    Horia Radu

  • Add theme-specific logo images to readme.

    Dylan Smith

  • Add Orbit to users list.

    Nicolas Goutay

  • Increase clarity around purpose and use of slots.

    Simon Fish

  • Deprecate loading view_component/engine directly.

    Upgrade notice: You should update your Gemfile like this:

    - gem "view_component", require: "view_component/engine"`
    + gem "view_component"

    Yoshiyuki Hirano


  • Remove internal APIs from API documentation, fix link to license.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add @yhirano55 to triage team.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Correct a typo in the sample slots code.

    Simon Fish

  • Add note about allowed_queries.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add vale content linter.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Remove require "rails/generators/test_case" in generator tests.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano

  • Suppress zeitwerk warning about circular require.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano

  • Move test_unit_generator_test.rb from test/view_component/ to test/generators/.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano

  • Unify test code of TestUnitGeneratorTest with the other generators tests.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano


  • Rename internal accessor to use private naming.

    Joel Hawksley, Blake Williams, Cameron Dutro

  • Add Github repo link to docs website header.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Change logo in README for dark theme readability.

    Dylan Smith

  • Add Litmus to users list.

    Dylan Smith

  • Add @dylanatsmith as codeowner of the ViewComponent logo and member of committers team.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Autoload CompileCache, which is optionally called in engine.rb.

    Gregory Igelmund

  • Move frequently asked questions to other pages, add History page.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix typo.

    James Hart

  • Add require "method_source" if it options.show_previews_source is enabled.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano

  • Move show_previews_source definition to Previewable.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano

  • Clear cache in MethodSource to apply the change odf preview code without app server restart.

    Yoshiyuki Hirano


  • Remove unnecessary call to ruby2_keywords for polymorphic slot getters.

    Cameron Dutro


  • Add note about tests and instance methods.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Flesh out ViewComponents in practice.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add CODEOWNERS entries for feature areas owned by community committers.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Separate lint and CI workflows.

    Blake Williams

  • Add support for image_path helper in previews.

    Tobias Ahlin, Joel Hawksley

  • Add section to docs listing users of ViewComponent. Please submit a PR to add your team to the list!

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix loading issue with Stimulus generator and add specs for Stimulus generator.

    Peter Sumskas

  • Remove dependency on ActionDispatch::Static in Rails middleware stack when enabling statics assets for source code preview.

    Gregory Igelmund

  • Require view_component/engine automatically.

    Cameron Dutro


  • Add logo files and page to docs.

    Dylan Smith

  • Add ViewComponents in practice documentation.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix bug where calling lambda slots without arguments would break in Ruby < 2.7.

    Manuel Puyol

  • Improve Stimulus controller template to import from stimulus or @hotwired/stimulus.

    Mario Schüttel

  • Fix bug where helpers would instantiate and use a new view_context in each component.

    Blake Williams, Ian C. Anderson

  • Implement polymorphic slots as experimental feature. See the Slots documentation to learn more.

    Cameron Dutro


  • Add sprockets-rails development dependency to fix test suite failures when using rails@main.

    Blake Williams

  • Fix Ruby indentation warning.

    Blake Williams

  • Add --parent generator option to specify the parent class.
  • Add config option config.view_component.component_parent_class to change it project-wide.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Update docs to add example for using Devise helpers in tests.

    Matthew Rider

  • Fix bug where with_collection_parameter didn’t inherit from parent component.

    Will Drexler, Christian Campoli

  • Allow query parameters in with_request_url test helper.

    Javi Martín

  • Add “how to render a component to a string” to FAQ.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Add #render_in to API docs.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Forward keyword arguments from slot wrapper to component instance using ruby2_keywords.

    Cameron Dutro


  • Replace antipatterns section in the documentation with best practices.

    Blake Williams

  • Add components to rails stats task.

    Nicolas Brousse

  • Fix bug when using Slim and writing a slot whose block evaluates to nil.

    Yousuf Jukaku

  • Add documentation for test helpers.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Clarify documentation of with_variant as an override of Action Pack.

    Blake Williams, Cameron Dutro, Joel Hawksley

  • Update docs page to be called Javascript and CSS, rename Building ViewComponents to Guide.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Deprecate Base#with_variant.

    Cameron Dutro

  • Error out in the CI if docs/ has to be regenerated.

    Dany Marcoux


  • Add --stimulus flag to the component generator. Generates a Stimulus controller alongside the component.
  • Add config option config.view_component.generate_stimulus_controller to always generate a Stimulus controller.

    Sebastien Auriault


  • Clarify slots example in docs to reduce naming confusion.

    Joel Hawksley, Blake Williams

  • Fix error in documentation for render_many passthrough slots.

    Ollie Nye

  • Add test case for conflict with internal @variant variable.

    David Backeus

  • Document decision to not change naming convention recommendation to remove -Component suffix.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix typo in documentation.

  • Add inline template example to benchmark script.

    Andrew Tait

  • Fix benchmark scripts.

    Andrew Tait

  • Run benchmarks in CI.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add slot_type helper method.

    Jon Palmer

  • Add test case for rendering a ViewComponent with slots in a controller.

    Simon Fish

  • Add example ViewComponent to documentation landing page.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Set maximum line length to 120.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Setting a collection slot with the plural setter (component.items(array) for renders_many :items) returns the array of slots.

    Jon Palmer

  • Update error messages to be more descriptive and helpful.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Raise an error if the slot name for renders_many is :contents

    Simon Fish


  • Only load assets for Preview source highlighting if previews are enabled.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix references to moved documentation files.

    Richard Macklin

  • Ensure consistent indentation with Rubocop.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Bump activesupport upper bound from < 7.0 to < 8.0.

    Richard Macklin

  • Add ERB Lint for a few basic rules.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Sort gemspec dependencies alphabetically.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Lock method_source at 1.0 to avoid open-ended dependency.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Require all PRs to include changelog entries.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Rename test app and move files under /test/sandbox.


  • Make view_component_path config option available on ViewComponent::Base.


  • Add @boardfish to Triage.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Adds support to change default components path (app/components) with config.view_component.view_component_path.


  • Rename private instance variables (such as @variant) to reduce potential conflicts with subclasses.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add documentation for configuration options.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add view helper preview_source for rendering a source code preview below previews.
  • Add config option config.view_component.show_previews_source for enabling the source preview.

    Johannes Engl

  • Add documentation for compatibility with ActionText.

    Jared Planter


  • Add the ability to enable ActiveSupport notifications (!render.view_component event) with config.view_component.instrumentation_enabled.

    Svyatoslav Kryukov

  • Add Generators page to documentation.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Fix bug where ViewComponents didn’t work in ActionMailers.



  • Add support for _iteration parameter when rendering in a collection

    Will Cosgrove

  • Don’t raise an error when rendering empty components.

    Alex Robbin


  • Enable previews by default in test environment.

    Edouard Piron

  • Fix test helper compatibility with Rails 7.0, TestRequest, and TestSession.

    Leo Correa

  • Add experimental _output_postamble lifecyle method.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add compatibility notes on FAQ.

    Matheus Richard

  • Add Bridgetown on Compatibility documentation.

    Matheus Richard

  • Are you interested in building the future of ViewComponent? GitHub is looking to hire a Senior Engineer to work on Primer ViewComponents and ViewComponent. Apply here: US/Canada / Europe. Feel free to reach out to with any questions.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Fix DEPRECATION WARNING: before_render_check when compiling ViewComponent::Base

    Dave Kroondyk


Note: This release includes an underlying change to Slots that may affect incorrect usage of the API, where Slots were set on a line prefixed by <%=. The result of setting a Slot shouldn’t be returned. (<%)

  • Add #with_content to allow setting content without a block.

    Jordan Raine, Manuel Puyol

  • Add with_request_url test helper.

    Mario Schüttel

  • Improve feature parity with Rails translations
    • Don’t create a translation back end if the component has no translation file
    • Mark translation keys ending with html as HTML-safe
    • Always convert keys to String
    • Support multiple keys

      Elia Schito

  • Fix errors on asset_url helpers when asset_host has no protocol.

    Elia Schito

  • Prevent slots from overriding the #content method when registering a slot with that name.

    Blake Williams

  • Deprecate with_slot in favor of the new slots API.

    Manuel Puyol


  • Deprecate with_content_areas in favor of slots.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Allow Slot lambdas to share data from the parent component and allow chaining on the returned component.

    Sjors Baltus, Blake Williams

  • Experimental: Add ViewComponent::Translatable
    • t and translate now will look first into the sidecar YAML translations file.
    • helpers.t and I18n.t still reference the global Rails translation files.
    • l and localize will still reference the global Rails translation files.

      Elia Schito

  • Fix rendering output of pass through slots when using HAML.

    Alex Robbin, Blake Williams

  • Experimental: call ._sidecar_files to fetch the sidecar files for a given list of extensions, for example passing ["yml", "yaml"].

    Elia Schito

  • Fix bug where a single jbuilder template matched multiple template handlers.

    Niels Slot


  • Include SlotableV2 by default in Base. Note: It’s no longer necessary to include ViewComponent::SlotableV2 to use Slots.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Prepend Preview routes instead of appending, accounting for cases where host application has catchall route.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix bug where blocks passed to lambda slots will render incorrectly in certain situations.

    Blake Williams


  • Allow customization of the controller used in component tests.

    Alex Robbin

  • Generate preview at overridden path if one exists when using --preview flag.

    Nishiki Liu


  • Fix bug that raises when trying to use a collection before the component has been compiled.

    Blake Williams


  • Delay evaluating component content in render?, preventing the content block from being evaluated when render? returns false.

    Blake Williams

  • Don’t generate template when using --inline flag.

    Hans Lemuet

  • Add --inline option to the Haml and Slim generators

    Hans Lemuet


  • Experimental: call ._after_compile class method after a component is compiled.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Fix bug where SlotV2 was rendered as an HTML string when using Slim.

    Manuel Puyol


  • Add --preview generator option to create an associated preview file.

    Bob Maerten

  • Add argument validation to avoid content override.

    Manuel Puyol


  • Add --inline option to the erb generator. Prevents default erb template from being created and creates a component with a call method.

    Nachiket Pusalkar

  • Add test case for checking presence of content in #render?.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Rename master branch to main.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Fix bug where rendering a component with_collection from a controller raised an error.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Fixed out-of-order rendering bug in ActionView::SlotableV2

    Blake Williams


  • Add ActionView::SlotableV2
    • with_slot becomes renders_one.
    • with_slot collection: true becomes renders_many.
    • Slot definitions now accept either a component class, component class name, or a lambda instead of a class_name: keyword argument.
    • Slots now support positional arguments.
    • Slots no longer use the content attribute to render content, instead relying on to_s. for example <%= my_slot %>.
    • Slot values are no longer set via the slot method, and instead use the name of the slot.

      Blake Williams

  • Add frozen_string_literal: true to generated component template.

    Max Beizer


  • Revert refactor that broke rendering for some users.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add #with_variant to enable inline component variant rendering without template files.

    Nathan Jones


  • Only compile components at application initialization if eager loading is enabled.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Don’t add /test/components/previews to preview_paths if directory doesn’t exist.

    Andy Holland

  • Add preview_controller option to override the controller used for component previews.

    Matt Swanson, Blake Williams, Juan Manuel Ramallo


  • Check if Rails.application is loaded.

    Gleydson Tavares

  • Add documentation for webpack configuration when using Stimulus controllers.

    Ciprian Redinciuc


  • Extend documentation for using Stimulus within sidecar directories.

    Ciprian Redinciuc

  • Subclassed components inherit templates from parent.

    Blake Williams

  • Fix uninitialized constant error from with_collection when eager_load is disabled.

    Josh Gross


  • Raise an error if controller or view context is accessed during initialize as they’re only available in render.

    Julian Nadeau

  • Collate test coverage across CI builds, ensuring 100% test coverage.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Fix bug where previews didn’t work when monkey patch was disabled.

    Mixer Gutierrez


  • Fix auto loading of previews (changes no longer require a server restart)

    Matt Brictson

  • Add default_preview_layout configuration option to load custom app/views/layouts.

    Jared White, Juan Manuel Ramallo

  • Calculate virtual_path once for all instances of a component class to improve performance.

    Brad Parker


  • Fix bug where rendering Slot with empty block resulted in error.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Slots return stripped HTML, removing leading and trailing whitespace.

    Jason Long, Joel Hawksley


  • Add --sidecar option to the erb, haml and slim generators. Places the generated template in the sidecar directory.

    Michael van Rooijen


  • Add support for templates as ViewComponent::Preview examples.

    *Juan Manuel Ramallo


  • Allow using render_inline in test when the render monkey patch is disabled with config.view_component.render_monkey_patch_enabled = false in versions of Rails < 6.1.

    Clément Joubert

  • Fix kwargs warnings in slotable.


      view_component/lib/view_component/slotable.rb:98: warning: Using the last argument as keyword parameters is deprecated; maybe ** should be added to the call
      view_component/test/app/components/slots_component.rb:18: warning: The called method `initialize' is defined here

    Eileen M. Uchitelle


  • Add config.preview_paths to support multiple locations of component preview files. Deprecate config.preview_path.

    Tomas Celizna

  • Only print warning about a missing capybara dependency if the DEBUG environment variable is set.

    Richard Macklin


  • Add the ability to disable the render monkey patch with config.view_component.render_monkey_patch_enabled. In versions of Rails < 6.1, add render_component and render_component_to_string methods which can be used for rendering components instead of render.

    Johannes Engl


  • Implement Slots as potential successor to Content Areas.

    Jens Ljungblad, Brian Bugh, Jon Palmer, Joel Hawksley


  • Fix kwarg warnings in Ruby 2.7.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Ensure Rails configuration is available within components.

    Trevor Broaddus

  • Fix bug where global Rails helpers are inaccessible from nested components. Before, helpers was pointing to parent component.

    Franco Sebregondi


  • Raise an ArgumentError with a helpful message when Ruby can’t parse a component class.

    Max Beizer


  • Cache components per-request in development, preventing unnecessary recompilation during a single request.

    Felipe Sateler


  • Add before_render, deprecating before_render_check.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add rendered_component method to ViewComponent::TestHelpers which exposes the raw output of the rendered component.

    Richard Macklin

  • Support sidecar directories for views and other assets.

    Jon Palmer


  • Add config.view_component.preview_route to set the endpoint for component previews. By default /rails/view_components is used.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo

  • Raise error when initializer omits with_collection_parameter.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Compile component before rendering collection.

    Rainer Borene


  • Add counter variables when rendering collections.

    Frank S

  • Add the ability to access params from preview examples.

    Fabio Cantoni


  • Add #render_to_string support.

    Jarod Reid

  • Declare explicit dependency on activesupport.

    Richard Macklin

  • Remove autoloads of internal modules (Previewable, RenderMonkeyPatch, RenderingMonkeyPatch).

    Richard Macklin

  • Remove capybara dependency.

    Richard Macklin


  • Allow using inline render method(s) defined on a parent.

    Simon Rand

  • Fix bug where inline variant render methods would never be called.

    Simon Rand

  • ViewComponent preview index views use Rails internal layout instead of application’s layout

    Juan Manuel Ramallo


  • Add Base.format for better compatibility with ActionView::Template.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Fix bug where template couldn’t be found if inherited was redefined.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add support for config.action_view.annotate_template_file_names (coming in Rails 6.1).

    Joel Hawksley

  • Remove initializer requirement from the component.

    Vasiliy Ermolovich


  • Support rendering collections (for example, render(MyComponent.with_collection(@items))).

    Tim Clem


  • Move to ViewComponent namespace, removing all references to ActionView.

    • The gem name is now view_component.
    • ViewComponent previews are now accessed at /rails/view_components.
    • ViewComponents can only be rendered with the instance syntax: render( Support for all other syntaxes has been removed.
    • ActiveModel::Validations have been removed. ViewComponent generators no longer include validations.
    • In Rails 6.1, no monkey patching is used.
    • to_component_class has been removed.
    • All gem configuration is now in config.view_component.


  • Support Ruby 2.4 in CI.

    Andrew Mason

  • ViewComponent generators don’t not prompt for content requirement.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add post-install message that gem has been renamed to view_component.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add refute_component_rendered test helper.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Check for Rails before invocation.

    Dave Paola

  • Allow components to be rendered without a template file (aka inline component).

    Rainer Borene


  • Re-introduce ActionView::Component::TestHelpers.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Bypass monkey patch on Rails 6.1 builds.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Make ActionView::Helpers::TagHelper available in Previews.

      def with_html_content
        render( do
          tag.div do
            content_tag(:span, "Hello")

    Sean Doyle


  • Fix bug where generator created invalid test code.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Rename ActionView::Component::Base to ViewComponent::Base

    Joel Hawksley


  • Allow components to be rendered inside controllers.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Improve backtraces from exceptions raised in templates.

    Blake Williams


  • Revert: Remove initializer requirement for Ruby 2.7+

    Joel Hawksley

  • Restructure Railtie into Engine

    Sean Doyle

  • Allow components to override before_render_check

    Joel Hawksley


  • Relax Capybara requirement.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Add support for Capybara matchers.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add erb, haml, & slim template generators

    Asger Behncke Jacobsen


  • Deprecate all render syntaxes except for render( :bar))

    Joel Hawksley


  • Remove initializer requirement for Ruby 2.7+

    Dylan Clark


  • Run validation checks before calling #render?.

    Ash Wilson


  • Remove the unneeded ComponentExamplesController and simplify preview rendering.

    Jon Palmer

  • Add #render? hook to allow components to be no-ops.

    Kyle Fox

  • Don’t assume ApplicationController exists.

    Jon Palmer

  • Allow some additional checks to overrided render?

    Sergey Malykh

  • Fix generator placing namespaced components in the root directory.

    Asger Behncke Jacobsen

  • Fix cache test.

    Sergey Malykh


  • Simplify validation of templates and compilation.

    Jon Palmer

  • Add support for multiple content areas.

    Jon Palmer


  • Fix Uninitialized Constant error.

    Jon Palmer

  • Add basic github issue and PR templates.

    Dylan Clark

  • Update readme phrasing around previews.

    Justin Coyne


  • Allow Previews to have no layout.

    Jon Palmer

  • Bump rack from 2.0.7 to 2.0.8.


  • Compile components on application boot when eager loading is enabled.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Previews support content blocks.

    Cesario Uy

  • Follow Rails conventions. (refactor)

    Rainer Borene

  • Fix edge case issue with extracting variants from less conventional source_locations.

*Ryan Workman* <!-- vale proselint.GenderBias = YES -->


  • Avoid dropping elements in the render_inline test helper.


  • Add test for helpers.asset_url.

    Christopher Coleman

  • Add rudimentary compatibility with better_html.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Template-less variants fall back to default template.

    Asger Behncke Jacobsen, Cesario Uy

  • Generated tests use new naming convention.

    Simon Træls Ravn

  • Eliminate sqlite dependency.

    Simon Dawson

  • Add support for rendering components via #to_component_class

    Vinicius Stock


  • Add support for RSpec to generators.
*Dylan Clark, Ryan Workman* <!-- vale proselint.GenderBias = YES -->
  • Require controllers as part of setting autoload paths.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Disable eager loading initializer.

    Kasper Meyer


  • Update railties class to work with Rails 6.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo


Note: actionview-component is now loaded by requiring actionview/component, not actionview/component/base.

  • Fix issue with generating component method signatures.
*Ryan Workman, Dylan Clark* <!-- vale proselint.GenderBias = YES -->
  • Create component generator.

    Vinicius Stock

  • Add helpers proxy.

    Kasper Meyer

  • Introduce ActionView::Component::Previews.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo


  • Fix bug where components broke in application paths with periods.

    Anton, Joel Hawksley

  • Add support for cache_if in component templates.

    Aaron Patterson, Joel Hawksley

  • Add support for variants.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo

  • Fix bug in virtual path lookup.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo

  • Preselect the rendered component in render_inline.

    Elia Schito


  • Allow template file names without format.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Add support for translations.

    Juan Manuel Ramallo


  • Re-expose controller method.

    Michael Emhofer, Joel Hawksley

  • Gem version numbers are now accessible through ActionView::Component::VERSION

    Richard Macklin

  • Fix typo in README

    ars moriendi


  • Template errors surface correct file and line number.

    Justin Coyne

  • Allow access to request inside components.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Don’t raise error when sidecar files that aren’t templates exist.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Support rendering views from inside component templates.

    Patrick Sinclair


  • Fix bug where rendering nested content caused an error.

    Joel Hawksley, Aaron Patterson


  • Components are rendered with enough controller context to support rendering of partials and forms.

    Patrick Sinclair, Joel Hawksley, Aaron Patterson


  • actionview-component is now tested against Ruby 2.3/2.4 and Rails 5.0.0.


  • The render_component test helper has been renamed to render_inline. render_component has been deprecated and will be removed in v2.0.0.

    Joel Hawksley

  • Components are now rendered with render MyComponent, foo: :bar syntax. The existing render :bar) syntax has been deprecated and will be removed in v2.0.0.

    Joel Hawksley


  • Components now inherit from ActionView::Component::Base

    Joel Hawksley


  • Always recompile component templates outside production.

    Joel Hawksley, John Hawthorn


This release extracts the ActionView::Component library from the GitHub application.

It will be published on RubyGems under the existing actionview-component gem name, as @chancancode has passed us ownership of the gem.