Ruby & Rails

ViewComponent supports all actively supported versions of Ruby (3.0+) and Ruby on Rails (6.1+) and is tested against a combination of these versions of Ruby on Rails.

While EOL (end-of-life) versions of Ruby and Ruby on Rails may still work with ViewComponent, they’re not actively supported and no longer tested. We will still accept patches on a case-by-case basis to support older Ruby & Rails versions based on the complexity and maintenance burden. Please open an issue before submitting such a Pull Request.

Template languages

ViewComponent is tested against ERB, Haml, and Slim, but it should support most Rails template handlers.

Disabling the render monkey patch (Rails < 6.1)

Since 2.13.0

To avoid conflicts between ViewComponent and other gems that also monkey patch the render method, it’s possible to configure ViewComponent to not include the render monkey patch:

config.view_component.render_monkey_patch_enabled = false # defaults to true

With the monkey patch disabled, use render_component (or render_component_to_string) instead:

<%= render_component "bar") %>

Bridgetown (Static Site Generator)

Bridgetown supports ViewComponent via an experimental shim provided by the bridgetown-view-component gem. More information available here.


Using rich_text_area from ActionText in a ViewComponent will result in this error:

undefined method "rich_text_area_tag"

This is due to ViewComponent not having access to the helpers it needs via ActionText. As a workaround, add the following to your component (or base component):

delegate :rich_text_area_tag, to: :helpers